In order to edit this clean free 2d outro template you will need Adobe After Effects CS5 or above and of course before you open the project file I suggest that you download the FONT and install it.

The font I used is not necesary if you don’t inted to touch the text layers ( change the writing or text colors ) also if you want, the font can be changed if you don’t like the one I used.

Now the question is how to add in your video and how to render this outro, well the next few lines might help in that regard.

1.  Open the .aep file in After Effects CS5 or above (CS or CC stands for the AE version).

2. On the left side of the program you will have the project panel, right click on the panel and Import your video you want to put in the feature box.

3. Double click on the ! YOUR VIDEO composition and drag your video where that “YOUR VIDEO HERE” text is.

4. Now double click on the !  Final_1080p composition to make it active and on the top of the screen go to Composition and Add to render queue. Now at the bottom I want you to click on “Lossless” and in the window that pops to change the format from .avi to h.264 or quicktime and also make sure that the Audio Output box is checked, at the bottom left of the window, then click ok.

5. Click on the orange !  Final 1080p text and give it place to save on your pc ( desktop would be ideal for easy access ) and click RENDER .

Now your outro is ready to be put in your video, the music it should be there since it is in the download files and can be found under (Footage)>Assets.

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