To edit this Sweet FREE 2D Intro Template you will need Adobe After Effects CS5 or above and this FONT (DOWNLOAD) . Install the font before you open the project file in After Effects, this way you have all set to go and make the changes you need.

After you installed the font you are ready to open the project file and I repeat you need After Effects CS5 or above.

First thing you will need to do is to double click on the “ ! YOUR TEXT ” composition on the top left panel (known as project panel), now at the bottom of After Effects on the left panel you have a text layer that says “Your Text”. Double click that layer and type your name then press enter.

Now double click on the “ ! Final 1080p ” composition to make it active, at the top menu go to Composition and Add to render queue.

The bottom part of the screan will change and you will have to edit the Format of the video(change the rendering codec) and the name. First click on “Lossless” and in the new window that pops change the format from .avi to h.264 if you have it or quicktime, either of these would do just fine.

Then click on the orange ” ! Final 1080p ” text and give a place on your hardrive where to be saved, desktop would be ideal to find it easy. After all this you can click the RENDER button and you are done.

The song used it is included in the download files but if you want you can always choose other song or use sound fx if you want. Enjoy this FREE Template, have fun with it.

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