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Official Motions provides the best free templates around the web. If you are a video creator or editor our templates will help you and speed up your workflow. We’ve been around since 2013 providing YouTube creators with free templates for their videos. We also offer Premium templates for those interested and willing to support our work. Most of our templates are created using Adobe Creative Suite, that includes After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator.

Here on Official Motions, you will find:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why I can’t download this template?

A. Consult our walkthrough on how to download free templates post. You may also encounter issues because of some browser extensions( Adblock, Pop-Up Block, usually these two are the issues).

Q. What is the font used in this video/project?

A. The fonts we always use are free for download. Adobe programs will always let you know the name of the font family when opening a project, in a message. Using that you can search the font name on Google

Q. What is the name of the song used in this video/project?

A. Because we don’t own the right to any of the songs we use. We offer information about music in our video description. See the video description for info about music, usually at the bottom of it.

Q. Could you make me an Intro/Outro/Banner for Free?

A. For free NO. If you are interested in custom work created by me with your specifications then YES, for a price. Contact us and we can talk in detail about the price and everthing.

Q. I don’t have After Effects or I don’t know how to use it, can you change this template for me?

A. For a small fee, I can do that for you. You have to understand that with the number of people downloading my templates would be time-consuming. The time I could use creating more designs.

Note: For premium templates (those you pay for) we will help, free of charge.

Final note

Have more questions that you don’t find an answer for? Contact us and let us know about your problem, we will back with you shortly.

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