Brief PREMIERE PRO Social Media Lower Thirds


Premiere Pro Social Media Lower Thirds to show off and remind your viewers to follow you on social media. Tell them to subscribe to your channel with these sweet looking social media lower thirds.
This template contains 5 known social media websites. Available and compatible with:

  • Premiere Pro (Latest version recommended)
  • After Effects CC 2019
  • After Effects CC version 14.x

Fully editable in both programs, easy to customize colors and more. Optimized for Premiere Pro. Change colors and texts with a few clicks. For more info, I suggest reading the rest of the blog post on how to import and edit these social media lower thirds in Premiere Pro.

How to import and edit.

I will show you briefly how to import the lower thirds in Premiere Pro and how to make changes to fit your desired look.

Importing Social Media Lower Thirds.

Let’s say you are ready and finished your latest video edit in Premiere Pro. Now you want to add some social media lower thirds.

If you are using the latest version of Premiere you have a GRAPHICS tab at the top. Click on it.


On the right, the Essential Graphics will appear. Click the Square with the plus sign at the bottom to import our lower thirds.

Search for the files where you saved them on your computer and import them.

Once you did all that type Minimalist in the search bar you see under My Templates. Click and drag the social media lower third you want on the timeline.

How to edit the lower thirds.


After you dragged the template on the timeline, select the newly added layer. On the right side, the edit Essential Graphics tab will appear. Here you can change the text source, edit its size, position and color. Same applies for the box holding the logo and text.

Play around with the colors. Use the bottom position sliders and size to position the lower thirds where you want.

Note that these social media lower thirds are created in After Effects and are quite big when you import them. Playing around with the size would be necessary.

Once you did all of this you are ready to finish up your video. Enjoy and have fun with your new Premiere Pro social media lower thirds.

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