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modern 2d Intro

MODERN 2D INTRO – After Effects 2D Intro Templates

PREVIEW Bringing you a new awesome, modern after effects 2d intro template for your YouTube Videos/Projects. Went with the minimalist/modern design for who doesn’t like too much in your face and all over the place shape movement. It’s a simple, modern logo opener design and will deliver your name and logo to the screen fast…
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FLAT FREE 2D Intro Template – After Effects FREE Template

FLAT INTRO PREVIEW Flat design Intro Template with a quick animation that won’t bore you viewers to death. Cool and simple, made using Adobe After Effects CS5.5 so make sure you have at least this version of the software to make the changes necessary. A short tutorial is included and shows how to edit this…
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2D OUTRO PREVIEW   Clean, minimalist looking free 2d outro template for After Effects CS6 or above. Very easy to edit and fast to render. 1080p ready, 30 fps and perfect for the new End Screen Feature present on YouTube. After Effects it’s totally optional in this template case, I provided a pre-rendered version for who…
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HUD – PREVIEW Amazing looking Sci-Fi like HUD – FREE INTRO TEMPLATE for your YouTube Channel. This project was made using After Effects CS6 so make sure you have at least this version of After Effects before you download. You have 3 versions available for this project, depending on your needs and liking. You get a Logo Only version,…
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AWESOME – FREE 2D INTRO for After Effects

AWESOME INTRO – PREVIEW Awesome looking free 2d template for After Effects. This project was made using After Effects CS5 so make sure before you download that you have at least this version of After Effects to avoid any compatibility issues. The project is perfect for anyone who has a YouTube Channel, are just starting…
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NEUTRAL – PREVIEW Very nice and simple looking neutral intro template for After Effects. It has multiple background images to choose from and a logo reveal, just import in your logo design. Drag and drop it in the Logo composition and you are done. If you find yourself in difficulty just follow the tutorial provided,…
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social media

Modern FREE Social Media Lower Thirds

PREVIEW SOCIAL MEDIA Do you need to grow your social media audience? Remind your viewers about your social accounts? With this brand new and also FREE template from OfficialMotions you can do that right now. Following the newest trends in Graphic Design, I went with a minimalistic and modern looking social media lower thirds design. Made using…
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Modern FREE 2D Intro Template – After Effects FREE Template

PREVIEW   It’s clean, has a very modern vibe to it, it’s free ( any support it’s always helpful and appreciated, thank you by the way.) and perfect for who has a tight budget and is a YouTube Creator. Made using Adobe After Effects CS5.5, so make sure you have at least that version of…
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Quick FREE Outro Template

PREVIEW It’s simple, minimalist and quick. A free 2D outro template for After Effects CS6 or Above. You can, of course, use directly the pre-rendered files that are available in the download archive. Just drag and drop them into your video editing software of choice and you are done, simple as that. After Effects CS6…
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