Get 15 Euros and a Free Card with Revolut

free card with revolut

Free Card with REVOLUT and €15 

Big opportunity offered by REVOLUT this month, offer available from Sept 10th – Oct 1st. Sign-up for free with REVOLUT using our referral link, verify your identity, ask for your free physical card and top up your account with 10 British Pounds or equivalent in your currency. Revolut will give you an extra 15 Euros to spend once you followed the request.

REVOLUT can make online payments without additional fees, stash/save money, monitor your monthly expenses, etc. More about REVOLUT can be found on their official website.

As a REVOLUT user my self I am happy to recommend this service to you. Recently I had to travel to another country and I used REVOLUT to make payments there. I was so easy, had zero problems with conversion and everything was on point and ready to use.

How to benefit from this offer?

It’s quite simple. Follow our referral link and use your phone number to register. You will receive a text message to download the REVOLUT App. After you download their app follow the instruction there to set up your account. This is honestly better than any bank account and even PayPal. Simple to use and very fast when it comes to money transfer and once you got your physical card it’s even better. Keep in mind that the physical card will take a week or two to ship to your location. All depends on where you are in the world.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, get your hands on this as soon as possible.

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