Simple FREE 2D Intro Template

Minimalistic, simple and clean looking FREE 2D Intro Template for After Effects. Made using After Effects CS5.5 so keep in mind that you will need CS5.5 or above in order to edit this template.
This template is very easy to edit and renders very fast also. You can add your logo alongside you channel name so make sure you have a logo without any background attached to it this way you won’t get any weird artifacts/errors when adding it.

What you need:

  • WinRar/7Zip, etc. – to extract the files in the archive provided.
  • The Font: UniSans, it’s not obligatory.
  • After Effects CS5.5 or Above – to edit and put everything together.
  • Basic After Effects usage knowledge.




Have fun enjoy the template and make sure you stick around and get updates on new, upcoming graphics.