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COLORFUL Free 2D Outro Template | After Effects 2D Outro Template

Colorful 2d Outro Template. Colorful Free 2D Outro Template for Adobe After Effects CS6 or above. In case you want to make changes to the project file, you will need at least Adobe After Effects CS6. This outro template comes with a rendered video file ready to use. Import it directly into your video editing…
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FREE 2D Outro – After Effects FREE 2D Outro Template

What to expect from this free 2d outro template? I will try and do my best to sum everything up in a few words on what to expect from this free 2d outro template. Made using After Effects CS6 but in the case of this project, the software wouldn’t be 100% necessary. Within the download…
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Amazing FREE Outro Template – Photoshop FREE Template

PREVIEW FREE 2D OUTRO Template for Photoshop.¬†You will need Photoshop (any version) if you want to add any changes to this outro. In case you don’t have Photoshop and you don’t want to make changes because you like the design as it is then you have a .png file that you can use directly in…
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Quick FREE Outro Template

PREVIEW It’s simple, minimalist and quick. A free 2D outro template for After Effects CS6 or Above. You can, of course, use directly the pre-rendered files that are available in the download archive. Just drag and drop them into your video editing software of choice and you are done, simple as that. After Effects, CS6…
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